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[sticky entry] Sticky: introduction and rules

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Anime Club is all about discussing the glorious topic of anime! This community is designed for a more in-depth discussion than fostered by other sites which can have difficult set ups to converse on.

  • Please put spoilers under the cut. Even if it is an old anime, you never know who hasn't seen it yet.
  • Be polite to other members even if they have different opinion to you.
  • No bashing anime/characters/pairings. Not cool, guys.
  • Tag your posts appropriately. 
  • Please post something that fosters discussion, like an episode recap or an interesting point about the anime. 

Also for consideration: would any members be interested in a monthy rec-a-series post where someone shares a couple anime they've enjoyed and you recommend anime in a similar genre? I have other ideas which can be implemented as regular segments also, but I'd love to hear your ideas too!